blacktops 63 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes

bops chops cops copse crops
drops flops fops hops lops
mops plops pops schnapps shops
slops sops stops swaps swops
tops yawps      

Two-syllable rhymes

airdrops backdrops backstops bakeshops beechdrops
bellhops blacktops carhops dewdrops eavesdrops
flattops gumdrops hardtops hedgehops hilltops
hockshops housetops maintops milksops outcrops
pawnshops pinedrops raindrops rooftops sharecrops
shortstops snowdrops sweatshops tabstops teardrops
treetops unstops workshops    

Three-syllable rhymes

barbershops bubbletops lollipops mountaintops muttonchops
overtops readopts turboprops    

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