banknotes 65 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes

bloats boats coats dotes floats
gloats goats groats moats motes
notes oats quotes shoats stoats
throats totes votes    

Two-syllable rhymes

banknotes connotes coyotes cutthroats demotes
denotes devotes emotes endnotes fireboats
flatboats foldboats footnotes garrotes gunboats
houseboats housecoats keynotes lifeboats longboats
misquotes outvotes promotes raincoats redcoats
rowboats speedboats steamboats surcoats tailcoats
topcoats tugboats turncoats wainscots waistcoats
whaleboats woodnotes zygotes    

Three-syllable rhymes

anecdotes antidotes ferryboats motorboats overcoats
petticoats powerboats sugarcoats undercoats  

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