Words that rhyme with amuse

168 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes of amuse
blues boos booze brews bruise
chews choose clues coups crews
cruise cruse cues dues ewes
flues fuse fuze glues gnus
hews hues jews lose mews
moos muse news ooze pews
poohs queues rues ruse screws
shoes shoos shrews skews slews
sloughs slues snooze spews stews
strews sues thews trues twos
use views whose woos yews
Two-syllable rhymes of amuse
abuse accrues accuse adieus ainus
amuse argues bamboos bantus bayous
bedews bemuse bestrews breakthroughs canoes
cashews confuse construes corkscrews cuckoos
curfews debuts defuse defuze diffuse
effuse ensues enthuse eschews excuse
gumshoes gurus hairdos hebrews hindus
hoodoos horseshoes igloos imbues infuse
issues jackscrews kazoos kudzus masseuse
menus mildews miscues misuse muumuus
nephews perfuse peruse previews purlieus
pursues purviews refuse rescues reuse
reviews revues roughhews shampoos sinews
snowshoes statues subdues suffuse taboos
tatoos tattoos thumbscrews tissues transfuse
tutus unscrews values venues virtues
voodoos wahoos yahoos zulus  
Three-syllable rhymes of amuse
avenues ballyhoos barbecues caribous cockatoos
continues curlicues devalues disabuse honeydews
interviews kangaroos kinkajous marabous misconstrues
overshoes overuse overviews reissues rendezvouses
residues retinues revalues revenues syracuse
Four-or-more syllable rhymes of amuse
discontinues overvalues undervalues    

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