Words that rhyme with accusative

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One-syllable rhymes of accusative
give live shiv sieve spiv
Two-syllable rhymes of accusative
active captive cursive dative festive
fictive forgive furtive massive misgive
missive motive native octave olive
optive outlive passive pensive plaintive
relive restive sportive suasive votive
Three-syllable rhymes of accusative
ablative abortive abrasive abstractive abusive
adaptive addictive additive adhesive adjective
adjunctive admissive adoptive affective afflictive
aggressive allusive appointive ascriptive assaultive
assertive assuasive assumptive attentive attractive
aversive causative coercive cognitive cohesive
collective collusive combative combustive commissive
compressive compulsive conceptive concessive conclusive
concussive conducive conductive conflictive congestive
conjunctive connective constrictive constructive consultative
consultive consumptive contortive contractive convective
convulsive corrective corrosive corruptive creative
deceptive decisive deductive defective defensive
deflective defunctive delusive denotive depletive
depressive derisive descriptive destructive detective
detractive diffusive digestive digressive directive
discursive disjunctive disruptive dissuasive distinctive
distractive divisive effective effusive elective
elusive emissive emotive emulsive erosive
eruptive evasive excessive exclusive exhaustive
expansive expensive expletive explosive expressive
extensive extorsive extrusive fixative formative
fugitive genitive gustative hortative illusive
impassive implosive impressive impulsive inactive
incentive inceptive incisive incitive inclusive
inductive infective inflictive ingestive ingressive
injunctive instinctive instructive intensive intrusive
invective inventive inversive irruptive laxative
lenitive locative lucrative mutative narrative
negative nominative nonnative normative nutritive
objective obsessive obstructive obtrusive occlusive
offensive oppressive optative partitive perceptive
percussive perfective permissive perspective persuasive
pervasive perversive positive possessive preclusive
predictive preemptive prescriptive presumptive preventive
primitive proactive probative productive progressive
promotive propulsive prospective protective protrusive
punitive purgative purposive putative reactive
receptive recessive reclusive redemptive reductive
reflective reflexive refractive regressive relative
repressive repulsive resistive respective responsive
restrictive retentive retrusive revulsive sanative
seclusive secretive sedative seductive selective
sensitive siccative subjective subjunctive submissive
substantive subversive successive suggestive supportive
suppressive suspensive talkative tentative transgressive
transitive translative transmissive unfestive vindictive
vocative vomitive      
Four-or-more syllable rhymes of accusative
accumulative accusative acquisitive adjudicative administrative
adversative affirmative agglutinative alleviative alliterative
alternative ameliorative annotative anticipative antidepressive
applicative appositive appreciative apprehensive approbative
argumentative argumentive assimilative associative attributive
authoritative automotive benefactive calculative capacitative
circulative circumventive coextensive collaborative commemorative
communicative commutative comparative compensative competitive
comprehensive confederative configurative connotative consecrative
consecutive conservative constitutive contaminative contemplative
contraceptive contradictive contradistinctive contraindicative cooperative
copulative corporative correlative corroborative counteractive
counteroffensive counterproductive cumulative debilitative declarative
decompressive decongestive decorative definitive deformative
degenerative deliberative delimitative delineative demonstrative
denotative deprecative derivative desiccative devastative
diminutive discriminative disintegrative dissociative distributive
educative electromotive electropositive eliminative emanative
evaporative evocative exaggerative executive exhibitive
exhilarative explicative explorative extraversive figurative
frequentative generative hallucinative hyperactive hypersensitive
hypertensive hyposensitive hypotensive illuminative illustrative
imaginative imitative imperative imperceptive inattentive
inconclusive inconsecutive indecisive indicative indigestive
ineffective inexpensive inexpressive infinitive infirmative
inflammative informative inhibitive initiative innovative
inoffensive inoperative inquisitive insensitive integrative
interactive interceptive interdictive interpretative interpretive
interrogative interruptive intransitive introductive introspective
introversive intuitive investigative irrespective irritative
jurisdictive lacerative legislative liquefactive locomotive
maladaptive maladjustive maledictive manipulative meditative
meliorative misrepresentative mitigative modulative mutilative
nonaddictive nonadhesive nonaggressive nonassertive nonconsecutive
nonconstructive noncorrosive noncreative nondescriptive nondestructive
nondirective nonexclusive nonexplosive noninclusive nonobjective
nonproductive nonreactive nonrestrictive nonselective nonsensitive
obliterative operative overactive overaggressive overapprehensive
overassertive overattentive overcompetitive overconservative overdefensive
overimaginative overprotective oversensitive palliative pejorative
penetrative petrifactive photopositive photosensitive postdigestive
precognitive predicative premeditative preoperative preperceptive
prerogative preservative preventative procreative prohibitive
proliferative propagative provocative psychoactive putrefactive
qualitative quantitative radiative radioactive reciprocative
recompensive reconstructive recriminative recuperative reduplicative
reformative regenerative regulative regurgitative reintegrative
reiterative remonstrative remunerative reparative repercussive
repetitive replicative reprehensive representative reproductive
restitutive restorative resuscitative retroactive retrogressive
retrospective ruminative segregative semiactive separative
significative simulative speculative stimulative stupefactive
superlative supersensitive suppositive titillative tolerative
ulcerative unassertive unattractive uncompetitive uncreative
unexpressive unimpressive uninventive unobtrusive unoffensive
unperceptive unpermissive unpersuasive unpossessive unproductive
unreactive unreceptive unreflective unresponsive unrestrictive
unsensitive unsubmissive usurpative valuative variative
vegetative vindicative vituperative    

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