Last Syllable K Rhymes

Words with last syllable rhyme have the same sounds following the last syllable boundary (commonly a consonant, a vowel, and another consonant). For example, if you enter the word explain using this option, Rhymer retrieves a list of words with the last syllable sound plain (e.g., aquaplane, biplane, plane, and plain). Other examples of last syllable rhyme include:

  • humanity/zesty
  • threw/breakthrough
  • pleat/complete

Click a word below to find its last syllable rhymes:

kabob kabuki kachina kaddish kaddishes kafka kahn kaiser kaisers kale kaleidoscope kaleidoscopes kaleidoscopic kaleidoscopically kama kamala kame kamikaze kamikazes kangaroo kangaroos kansas kant kantian kantians kaoline kaolins kapok kappa kappas kaput karakul karakuls karat karate karats karma karmas karmic karyotype karyotypic karyotypical katharsis kathartic katydid katydids katzenjammer kava kayak kayaks kayo kayoed kayoing kayos kazoo kazoos keats kebab kebabs kedge kedged kedges kedging keel keeled keeler keeling keelless keels keen keened keener keenest keening keenly keenness keens keep keeper keepers keeping keeps keepsake keepsakes kefir keg kegler keglers kegs kelly keloid keloidal kelp kelps kelt keltic keltics kelts kempt ken kenned kennedy kennel kennels kenning keno kentucky kept keratin keratinize keratinized keratinizing keratinous kerchief kerchiefs kerf kerfs kernel kernels kerning kerosene kerosine kestrel ketch ketches ketchup ketone ketonic ketose ketosis kettle kettledrum kettledrums kettles kewpie key keyboard keyboards keyed keyhole keyholes keying keyless keyman keynote keynoted keynoter keynoters keynotes keynoting keypad keypunch keypunched keypuncher keypunchers keypunches keypunching keys keystone keystones keystroke keystrokes kgb khaki khakis khan khans khedive kibble kibbled kibbles kibbling kibbutz kibbutzim kibitz kibitzed kibitzer kibitzers kibitzes kibitzing kibosh kick kickback kickbacks kicked kicker kickers kickier kickiest kicking kickoff kickoffs kicks kickshaw kickshaws kickstand kickstands kickup kicky kid kidded kidder kiddies kidding kiddish kiddy kidnap kidnaped kidnapee kidnapers kidnaping kidnapped kidnapper kidnappers kidnapping kidnaps kidney kidneys kids kidskin kill killdeer killdeers killed killer killers killing killings killjoy killjoys kills kiln kilns kilo kilobytes kilocycle kilocycles kilogram kilograms kilohertz kiloliter kilometer kilometers kilos kiloton kilotons kilowatt kilowatts kilt kilter kilts kimchee kimono kimonos kin kinaesthesia kinaesthetic kinaesthetically kind kinder kindergarten kindergartens kindergartner kindergartners kindest kindhearted kindheartedly kindheartedness kindle kindled kindles kindlier kindliest kindliness kindling kindly kindness kindnesses kindred kindredless kindredness kindredship kinds kine kinematic kinematical kinematically kinematics kinescope kinescopes kineses kinesic kinesics kinesiology kinesis kinesthesia kinesthesis kinesthetic kinetic kinetics kinfolk kinfolks king kingdom kingdoms kingfisher kingfishers kingless kinglet kinglets kinglier kingliest kingliness kingly kingpin kingpins kings kingship kingships kink kinkajou kinkajous kinked kinkier kinkiest kinkiness kinking kinks kinky kinless kinsfolk kinship kinships kinsman kinsmanship kinsmen kinspeople kinswoman kiosk kiosks kip kipper kippered kippering kippers kippur kips kirk kirks kirtle kismet kiss kissable kissed kisser kissers kisses kissing kit kitchen kitchenette kitchenettes kitchens kitchenware kite kited kiter kiters kites kith kithe kithed kithing kiting kits kitsch kitschy kitten kittenish kittenishly kittens kitties kittle kitty kiwi kiwi-fruit kiwis kkk klan klanism klans klansman klatch klatsch kleenex kleptomania kleptomaniac kleptomaniacs kleptophobia klutz klutzy knack knacks knackwurst knackwursts knapsack knapsacks knave knaveries knavery knaves knavish knavishly knavishness knead kneaded kneader kneaders kneading kneads knee knee-deep knee-jerk kneecap kneecaps kneed kneehole kneeholes kneeing kneel kneeled kneeling kneels kneepan knees knell knelled knelling knells knelt knew knickerbocker knickerbockers knickers knickknack knickknacks knife knifed knifelike knifer knifes knifing knifings knight knighted knighthood knighthoods knighting knightly knights knit knits knitted knitter knitters knitting knitwear knives knob knobbed knobbier knobbiest knobbiness knobby knobs knock knock-knee knock-off knockabout knockdown knockdowns knocked knocker knockers knocking knockout knockouts knocks knockwurst knockwursts knoll knolls knot knothole knotholes knots knotted knottier knottiest knottily knottiness knotting knotty knout knouts know know-how knowable knower knowers knowing knowingly knowingness knowledge knowledgeable knowledgeably knowledged knowledgeless known knows knox knoxville knuckle knuckleball knucklebone knucklebones knuckled knucklehead knuckleheaded knuckleheads knuckler knuckles knuckling knucks knurl knurled knurls koala koalas kobold kobolds kodak kodiak kohlrabi kola kong kongo kook kookie kookier kookiest kookiness kooks kooky kopeck kopecks kopek kopeks koran korea korean koreans korsakoff koruna korunas kosher koumiss kowtow kowtowed kowtower kowtowers kowtowing kowtows kraal kraft krait kraut krauts krebs kremlin kremlinologist kremlinologists kremlinology krishna krispies krona krone kroner kronor krypton kuchen kuchens kudos kudzu kudzus kulak kulaks kumiss kumquat kumquats kumshaw kung kung-fu kuwait kwacha kymogram kymograph kymographic kymography kyoto kyphosis kyrie

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